Mistress Aveena
Paris Paris

Age: 29

Phone: No data

Nationality: Canadian

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Mistress Aveena

Description - Mistress Aveena Paris Paris

I was barely 19 when I had my very first BDSM experience.
that moment, my thirst to explore, to discover and to taste other experiences keeps growing. These experiences aren't only at the level of the technique, but also at more specific levels such as the psychology and literature.Thus, today, I am recognized as a 'one-of-a-kind'; somewhat determined and ambitious. My expertise, creativity and sensitivity allow me to adopt a personalized approach with the slave. I am very attentive to their deepest fantasies, since their participation in terms of ideas and suggestions for a scenario in a session is a real turn-on for me.In other words, from the very first second in my presence, you will feel that I am THE Mistress and that I have the last word in every matter, even when I adapt meticulously to your needs. Your pleasure is a priority for me, and of course, I expect you to feel the same, if not more.I can take you on a journey using all kinds of psychological games in which you'll experience pain, humiliation and extasy. I can make you whine under my heels, lick my spit off the floor, clean up the toilet bowl, make you feel like a filthy dog and whip you until you have bruises all over you. I can also let you adore my beautiful feet and legs, and show devotion to your Mistress in a well thought out scenario.Every single session will push your limits slowly but surely, and help you discover more on your self. My talents in discipline and punishments, and my fertile imagination will stay memorable in many ways.Looking forward to dominate you, Mistress Aveena