Mistress Nicole
Barcelona Barcelona

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Phone: +34649648677

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Hair: Blonde

Mistress Nicole

Description - Mistress Nicole Barcelona Barcelona

An indept view of Mistress Nicole’s caracter and way of seeing BDSM.
Let’s start off at the beginning: I was born in the north of Europe where we are stricter then the latin people, generally speaking. But I am as sensual, demanding, creative, sensual and passionate as the latin people are, this is probably why I feel so at home in Spain.
I am not a Domina that needs to elevate her voice to get one to obey her, I have found my large range of female arms long time ago… and be sure: my weapons have sharpened on the resistance they have encountered.
Nor am I a Mistress that needs an excuse for inflicting torture.
When previously agreed that certain acts in which I find pleasure, are within your limits as well I will proceed these with great pleasure at any given time, and certainly not for punishment, as I know you enjoy them and thus would be inclined to perform badly in my presence.
As an experienced Domme I know that the worst punishment is abandonment. I hope not to get to that point with any of My subs, even though “a moment for thought” for severe faux passes can be implemented.