Mistress Nereida
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Phone: +34644342489

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Eyes: Green

Hair: Light brown

Mistress Nereida

Description - Mistress Nereida Barcelona Barcelona

I'm Mistress Nereida, a perverse mermaid that will be introduced little by little into your head to play with your mind and your body until you have completely subdued.In me, you will find a young mistress, tall and beautiful, but also educated and intelligent. I can adapt to any degree of submission or masochism. The important thing is not the level but the surrender. I like to be progressive, reaching your limits with extreme subtlety and sensuality. I can be delicate or rude, naughty or evil, soft or very severe, all according to the submissive.What will I do with you when I have you submitted?My specialties are the animal tranning, ball busting, genital torture (CBT) and nipple torture, chastity control, facesitting, breath play, tease and denial and whipping.I also like the following practices:- Rol games: Animal training, interrogation and torture, infantilism, doctor, teacher, boss, sissy maid, etc.- Spank: whipping, bastinado, canning, face slapping, flogging, etc.- Torture of genitals and nipples.- Control: Chastity, Tease and denial, diets, etc.- Breath play: face sitting, mummification, games with water, games with masks, etc.- Bondage: immobilization with leather, metal, rope, mummification, etc.- Wax and ice- Crush domination.- Domination to couples.- Electroturbation- Cages and internments.- Games of physical and psychological humiliation: exhibitionism (in safe and permitted environments), Bisexuality and forced transvestism, mind play, SPH, spitting, objectification, etc.- Fetishism and adoration: feet, boots, shoes, socks, the body of the Mistress in latex, leather, vinyl, spandex, corsets, lingerie, etc.- Sensation play.- Trampling.- Medical light: Needles, urethral probes, fisting and other anal games.All this always respecting the agreed limits, taking into account the wisdom and safety of the practices. I don't think that safety should be abandoned to enjoy the dangerous game. If your fantasy borders on the insecure, we can discuss the adaptation of the activities. I also offer to accompany my slaves to dinners in which to discuss aspects of BDSM that disturb them and BDSM events in which a game can be played in public in a safe environment.What you will not be able to practice with me?You will not be able to play with me in case you are under age (-18), have psychic impairments or are under the effects of any narcotic substance (legal or illegal). You will not be able to carry out any of the following practices either:- Sex (oral, masturbation to me, penetration to me...).- I don't allow adoration to parts that I consider too intimate (breasts, genitals...)- Nudes: We can comment on my clothes, but I will never go nude.- Games of urophilia (golden shower) and coprophagy (eschatological).- Role change games.- Extreme medical (among which sutures and cuts are included).- Practices that include narcotic substances (for example, popper)- Illegal practices (pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia ...)- Any practice that fails the SSC practice model (Sensitive, Safe and Consensual).I also offer to accompany my slaves to bdsm events.Don't worry about the marks, I'm a Mistress that can leave no trace of our meeting or give you a beautiful memory that you will wear on your skin. I am acid and tender, hard as steel or delicate and fine as the wing of a butterfly, adorable and at the same time cruel.If you place your being, your surrender, your moans, your tears in my hands, I will treat you like a treasure; do not do it, and I will treat you like the most filthy of dogs.I like to have a talk with the new submisses before the session to establish the limits and get to know each other better, it is also useful to discuss possible health problems that may hinder some posture or practice.Anyway, in spite of the parameters that we establish, there will not be a session equal to the previous one since I love to improvise and explore new practices.I carry out the sessions in a fully equipped studio in Barcelona.The duration of each session depends on the sensations you are looking for, if it is initiation, it is probably advisable to have a duration of 60 minutes, while if what you want is to experience new sensations, the ideal will be to establish 90 or 120 minutes to be able to try with tranquility all the instruments that I have.My time is extremely valuable, therefore, sessions must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance. There is also the option of doing joint sessions with other mistresses.Write me telling me your previous experience, your tastes and your limits, and we will prepare a unique session where your most perverse fantasies will come true. You can call me at +34644342489 to book an appointment, if you do not find me you can send me an SMS or whatsapp.You can also visit my website: