Claire Black
London London

Age: 33

Phone: +447910470781

Nationality: Scottish

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Claire Black

Description - Claire Black London London

Imagine letting go of the burden of control for a while. To step into another world where your darkest, deepest desires are welcomed. Where you can explore the limits of pain, sensuality, teasing and intimacy. Where your only focus is what is being done to and with you. No thinking, no decisions.
Now imagine your partner-in-crime is a genuine, sweet, playful, sadistic Dominant who relishes taking control just as much as you enjoy letting it go. Someone well practiced in the arts of Dominance and submission, sadism and masochism and delighting in all the subtleties therein.
Welcome! Join me in The Clawing Room where we can forget the outside world and just revel in kink, BDSM, sensual pleasure, ecstasy through agony. We could play with hot wax, bondage. teasing, whipping, needles, blindfolds.... Just tell me, what is your kink?