Mistress Sade
New York City NY New York City NY

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Mistress Sade

Description - Mistress Sade New York City NY New York City NY

Enter a state of disoriented nirvana.
As my muse, my affection for you is real, so too my contempt. Everything I do is both theatrically exaggerated and ultimately real. An ounce of real pleasure, real submission, is worth more to me than a ton of fake.
Come play with the one called ASade.
For a Female Supremacist, I’m terribly easy to get along with. All you have to do is absolutely everything I say. Read this website carefully before submitting aSession Request Form or risk being rejected. I can be a very wrathful Goddess.
If you’re looking to submit to a beautiful and exceptionally skilled Woman, you’re in the right place. I offer safe and discreet immersion in fetish, and role-play for individuals and couples, and I happily work with wives to tailor a training plan for their submissive people. I’m open to all levels of experience in my play partners although you must be over the age of 21.
My New York dungeon is impeccably equipped with most anything you can imagine and even more you can’t. All inquiries will be attended to at my earliest convenience.