Domina Miranda
New York City NY New York City NY

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Nationality: American

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Domina Miranda

Description - Domina Miranda New York City NY New York City NY

From your proper position kneeling at My feet, your thoughts, feelings and needs will never be the same again. You will long for My attention and approval. My elegance, sensual confidence, and supremacy will mercilessly intoxicate you. Only your devotion will appease My insatiable thirst for control.
My presence inspires subservience, fear and respect, in which equilibrium is reached only with your enslavement to Me. My arousal and satisfaction will increase with your pleading.
I possess an uncanny intuition for your longings and desires. I will manipulate your needs, forcing you to release control and descend into addiction to My demands. I will shape your mind and body to crave My games and teasing.
My seductive nature will fill you with ecstasy and dependence. I will penetrate your weakened mind, uncovering any vulnerabilities and causing a metamorphosis that will turn you into an instrument of My will.
Enter a journey into My world and exploit your inner thoughts, identity and sensuality. Discover the fulfilling warmth that derives from your subservience to My whims.
My interests are diverse. I enjoy players of all genders and levels of experience. I will inspire you to go far beyond your boundaries and limits, but I will always respect them. I expect a high level of discretion and respect in return.