Mistress Amanda
New York City NY New York City NY

Age: 26

Phone: +19176888253

Nationality: American

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Mistress Amanda

Description - Mistress Amanda New York City NY New York City NY

Hi, I'm Mistress Amanda la Fatale and I am intelligent, charismatic seductive and strict - I completely love and enjoy being a Fetish Life Coach as it allows me and those around me to live a life of freedom. I specifically find pleasure in exploring peoples innermost fantasies and bringing them to life! I enjoy this lifestyle.
My dear subs, sissies and general male and Female specimens. I am a 25 year old Fetish Life Coach and I have been into BDSM for over 11yrs now. I have a question for you:Would you like to explore the possibility of freedom with someone that wants to push you further and deeper into the BDSM world and fulfill your fantasies? If you answered yes... I will train you, I can Teach you how to start trusting and reach beyond your own self-contained distrusting selves. Then you can let go and be vulnerable, to be yourself without putting up your defenses and without fear of rejection of your desired kink and fetish. I Stronly believe that being a Lifestyle be simply leading people along their own BDSM paths of imagination and fantasy in a organic way. I believe in evolution and know that exploring one's fantasies, limits and boundaries evolves and teaches the mind, body and soul this I find great pleasure in! In Modern Society, sensuality often involves two people who are each interested only in satisfying their own needs. but sexuality is meant to be TRANSCENDENT, allowing you to let another person inside your soul so you can build something greater together.
I embrace my light and dark side with passion and have fun in helping others to do the same.