Goddess Hera Chevalier
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Goddess Hera Chevalier

Description - Goddess Hera Chevalier New York City NY New York City NY

On your knees.You long for that mix of cold fright and heart throbbing excitement that can only come when you hear the voice of a princess--the next queen to the Chevalier name.That's right.The same blood that runs through my mother, Mistress Ariana, flows hot through me. My birthright made me a strong woman before I could even utter the word, back when I was driven to grade school every morning by my mother's slaves. You can only imagine how a life of being pampered can groom me into quite the little brat. On top of that, I've been trained by the Old Guards. That simply means my standards are above the clouds, and in turn, that means more for you.Most importantly, through, I do this for my pure instinct, much like it was your own instinct to seek me out on this page.
Now, let me tell you again.
On your knees.Feels different now doesn't it? Want to know why? You're reading the words from a true second-generation Woman. You're into what I'm into.Sign your will away to me and let me take you back in time, when the whip was the law, and where I will paint your face with the bottom of my boot only for you to thank me for allowing you to feel the life that is truly made for you.
I'm bringing obedience back.