Mistress Eden
New York City NY New York City NY

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Phone: +19175247345

Nationality: American

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Hair: Blonde

Mistress Eden

Description - Mistress Eden New York City NY New York City NY

You'll realize how much you'll depend on the sound of my voice, because without it, you'll have no purpose. See how much simpler life is when you let
your Mistress Eden control you?Don't think. I'll do the thinking for you.Don't speak unless spoken to.This is called sacrifice: a necessary act if you desire a place in my Garden of Eden.You do want to discover my Garden of Eden, don't you? It's why you're bound helplessly at my whims, after all.What is My Garden of Eden you ask?Some call it an abode of pleasant feelings, a euphoric high, the final destination of a slave's journey to bliss. Many slaves have begun to search for this place, yet it still remains uncharted land to many more.
Patience, adaptation, discipline--traits you'll learn as I mold you, then guide you to that special sub-space, where you'll feel no emotional attachment to your pain--just a simple acceptance of who you are and the role you play. Your instinctual reflex will be to serve and obey. You'll maintain proper form and your mind void of all selfish thought. You'll think less of how you feel, and in turn, think more of how can you can better yourself for me. Welcome to the ultimate stage of
submission--your highest state of being--My Garden of Eden.My Garden of Eden is a state of mental rapture, where you'll feel weightlessness, drifting with a lack for words. Nothing can break you out of this trance, and you'll find yourself desperate for my next command just so you can hear my voice again. Your life
is hollow without me. Your world needs a new shade of color. Your senses need a strong kick from the drug that is I, Mistress Eden.Whether you are shy person, a well-seasoned pet, or anywhere in between, all dogs can learn a few new tricks.