Harley Synn
Toronto Toronto

Age: 31

Phone: +16474912633

Nationality: No data

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Harley Synn

Description - Harley Synn Toronto Toronto

Picture a graceful confident sexy woman just shy of 5 foot 7, woman, imminating confidence and sexiness standing before you. This is Harley. A word of advice, study her and take her in before she opens her mouth because once she does you will be lost. This is the last time you will feel like you have any control in front of this woman.
Start at her short whimsical hair, which from experience could be any color at any given time. She is my muse, ever changing with an alluring innocence and curiosity that at first you aren’t sure if it’s a ruse - an intentional tactic to lure you away from rational thought for some nefarious agenda but after no more than 20 minutes in her presence I realized it’s not a ruse and the dread mixed with excitement consumed me. For a brief moment the fear born from the realization that she is unaware and therefore not in control of her own hypnotizing splendour overhwhelmed me. She’s oblivious and Intoxicating. She is why music is made, poetry is written and the deepest love and the deepest loss can be conveyed into words.
Her stunning art work accentuates the subtle outline of her collarbone and shoulder blades, my eyes drink up both her frame and artwork. Her all natural 36 inch double D sized chest commands admiration and a quick silent praise to Mother Nature or perhaps the Goddess Venus for the the luck of genetics blessed upon her. The beautiful curves that slope into her 29 inch waist are smooth and inviting. It’s difficult not to admire how graceful her body seamlessly connects all the parts that make up her in perfect proportion. A perfect transition from 36 inch chest into her 29 inch waist then with a defined softness over her curved 39 inch hips that extends to the most beautifully shaped legs a man has ever seen naturally rounding it all off are her beautifully manicured toes poking through her sandals.
This is how five minutes with Harley changed my life. She became my muse, and my trusted friend. Flying her out to see me or flying in to see her I know that “the adventure” - as she calls it is going to be anything but ordinary. Her passion for life, love and pleasure are genuine, her desire is unmatched, and without boundaries.
Her comfort and confidence with her sexuality is the catalyst to a rebirth of my own. There’s something about that woman. It’s as if she can read deep inside your psyche, passed all the bullshit we tell ourselves and passed all the bullshit we tell others and passed all the curious hats we wear and often forget to take off. Somehow she is able to blow right all of those “insignificant things” (Harleyisms, you’ll love them) and find that real part of you, the one hidden…the one that holds the key to all your desires and somehow she uncovers it, brings it out of you comfortably. She creates this free accepting space and has fun exploring you with you.
This is the best I can do, it’s no easy feat describing Harley, there are no words that could adequately prepare anyone for life with Harley. She mysterious and possesses unusual ways to charm and entice but she uses them to enhance her life and the lives of those that spend time with her. Funny thing is, Harley is completely oblivious to her power and influence.xoxoxo