Mistress Ava Kane
Philadelphia PA Philadelphia PA

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Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Mistress Ava Kane

Description - Mistress Ava Kane Philadelphia PA Philadelphia PA


A proud Philadelphia native with a strong Afro-Jamaican lineage! Raised to rule from the day I was born with grace and an iron fist. I command the respect that I so richly deserve. With over 7 years of experience perfecting my personal craft, I have worked shoulder to shoulder with world renowned Black Mistresses. I recognized my potential at a young age; deemed “bossy”, a sharpe tongued Diva with a clear gift for getting what I wanted. I learned early on that everyone has their place in the pecking order and I belong at the very top of the heap. Supremacy comes as naturally to me as ruling over lesser beings. Over the years, the evolution of my gifts brought me to the decadent beauty and art of BSDM. Don’t let my 4’ 11” stature fool you. Those foolish enough to underestimate my power often end up colla***d in pain before me. I carry myself a befitting of my station- above the male species, a ruler to all. Your pain or pleasure is mine to control and dole out as I see fit. Inside every male is an ingrained inclination to serve, surrender, and embrace suffering by an ideal Mistress - Me .......Remain humble in my presence. You do not know me, and you will only know what I want you to know.