Domina Regent
Winnipeg Winnipeg

Age: 35

Phone: No data

Nationality: No data

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Domina Regent

Description - Domina Regent Winnipeg Winnipeg

As a “lifestyle” dominant, I bring genuine p***ion and pleasure to every scene. Dominance and submission are dynamics that are integral to the way I in***act, and the bet*** we get to know each other, the deeper into submission I can take you. I enjoy playing with a wide variety of different dynamics, and each relationship between dominant and submissive is unique. My dominance is always authentic, but looks different with each sub. Femdom is more than an aesthetic, more than a series of activities. Whether I'm spanking you, making you clean my toilet, or having dinner with you, the specific activities we do are secondary to the the psychological experience of submission. The activities we negotiate are chosen to serve the development of the dynamic. I am at my core a nurturing domme. I take power exchange very seriously and the health and well being, both mental and physical, of my subs is my top priority. I see femdom as an ideal space in which to grow, and an opportunity for both dominant and submissive to bet*** understand themselves and each other. I believe that when we part ways we should each be bet*** than we were when we met.