Mistress Katrina Monroe
Indianapolis IN Indianapolis IN

Age: 32

Phone: +13177626226

Nationality: American

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Mistress Katrina Monroe

Description - Mistress Katrina Monroe Indianapolis IN Indianapolis IN

Please check out my website for a more comprehensive description of services, location, schedule, gallery and more!
I am a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix with fifteen years in the BDSM lifestyle and seven years offering professional sessions. I am a RACK player (Risk Aware Consensual Kink), a Fem-Domme, an intellectual, a plus-size woman, and an activist for sexual freedom.
Sessions occur in the Oubliette, my home dungeon space. It includes a bondage table with full restraint points, ceiling restraint points, St. Andrews cross, two different types of full-size racks, a floor cage and more. Ive invested in high-quality BDSM toys and accessories. New items are added on a regular basis, but I welcome you to bring anything you would like to involve in a scene. Things I do not supply are items personal to the individual, like chastity cages, fetish wear, shoes, clothing, lingerie or obscure fetish items.
I offer a variety of different things in a session, including but not limited to: bondage, body worship, impact play using floggers, canes, crops, paddles, whips, etc. CBT, corner time, foot worship and fetish play, humiliation, role play, confinement, mummification, objectification, medical play, queening, strap/toy play, wax play, violet wand and electrical play, fire play, fire cupping, and other activities too awesome to list! I constantly add new equipment and play activities, you may inquire about anything that interests you and/or you dont see listed. I am not an escort and do not offer escort services.
There are very few things I am not experienced with in regards to BDSM, so feel free to bring any request to me. To be clear, the activities listed are simply things I have experienced and done, not requirements of a session. I certainly do not force anyone to do anything they are not comfortable doing. This doesnt mean I am not a Dominant in control. It does mean I respect your soft and hard limits implicitly. Safe words are established before each session. I move at your comfort level. I tailor a session to suit you, no two sessions are the same.
Dont be intimidated by my interests! I have fun with a light session just as much as an intense session. I enjoy a variety of activities and I can be pleased with lots of different types of play.
Clients must be polite, educated gentleman of good nature and respect. Good personal hygiene is a necessity. I prefer clients age 25-75, but will accept others, if our interests and personalities match. Because you come to me, I want to know enough about my clients to ensure my safety and their comfort level. I SCREEN. I must have a name, a real telephone number and an email address from all clients to book. You may be asked to submit a deposit electronically to book and hold the appointment. All information is held in the strictest of confidence. Advanced notice is appreciated for all appointments; but same-day is possible based on my schedule.
Calls take priority and I will not book an appointment without speaking to you over the phone. If I do not answer your call, please leave a voicemail. I return calls within 24 hours. If you cannot receive a return call for privacy reasons, please say so in your voicemail and instruct me how to return your message. When engaging my services, please do not expect to ask detailed, specific questions about play. I want to know enough to insure we would be a compatible match for a session, beyond that, we will have detailed discussion in person before your session begins. I will ask more about your interests, your health, etc.
I do not offer 1/2 hour sessions, due to the extensive nature of our conversations and topics. Every client I receive should feel free to stay a while and chat and move at your own pace. Your discussion time is not included in your session time and does not include fees.
Tips are not expected but are appreciated. After-care massages rub-downs are offered for an additional fee. If you would like to shower after our session, please notify me so I can schedule this beforehand or it will be included in your time. Please do not present reimbursement in a crass or obscene way . . . envelope on coffee table at the beginning of our meeting is acceptable. I will not remind or ask you for reimbursement.
Now that you have information about me and the services I offer, call 317-762-6226 to schedule an appointment. I do not accept calls from blocked numbers, nor do I accept text messages from new clients. I answer calls between 10am-10pm EST daily and set appointments from noon to midnight daily, but I can accommodate later/earlier sessions, with notice.