Seattle WA Seattle WA

Age: 27

Phone: +14242399974

Nationality: No data

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Description - AstroDomina Seattle WA Seattle WA

Who am I? I will spare you from the usual highfalutin words that drive you K-razy and get to my kinky point! I don’t think I need to whip out my creative writing to lure you into my page. Haha!
I’m a Seattle-based Asian domina, fetish model/producer & dungeon owner! You might’ve watched the multitude of fetish videos I produce online (really, all you have to do is google “AstroDomina”).
Only been a Seattle local for 4 years and I’m already spreading my glorious seed of Initi-Asian! My expertise? It really all boils down to what I enjoy doing!
SESSION PACKAGES:Therapeutic Bondage - it is a known fact that act of bondage releases feel good brain chemicals that causes a euphoric experience. With Therapeutic Bondage, allow me to take away the stressors in your daily life through repetitive bondage motion and submission.
How’s it like to session with me? Let’s just say you’ll most likely dream about me, my exquisite outfits and our power exchange from the moment you lay your eyes on me to the moment you walk out of my door.
NOTE: My sessions are discreet, safe, sane and consensual!
The phone number provided is strictly for booking appointments. I will not respond to unrelated text messages. If you’d like to get to know me first before booking a session, submit an application for interview or google ‘AstroDomina’ to see & feel my internet presence.