Mistress Silvia
Augsburg Augsburg

Age: 54

Phone: +4917629497435

Nationality: German

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Mistress Silvia

Description - Mistress Silvia Augsburg Augsburg

Mistress Silvia loves it to bring to heel and use her helpless slaves in many different ways.
Be it, that she as an imperious boot-lady in black leather trains her slave to be a loadable riding animal or devoted lick slave, anxious to satisfy her demands even under the most difficult conditions; be it that as a strict teacher or governess in a stylish costume, nylons and high heels gives her naughty pupils a good hiding or straps them onto the whipping bench for a punishment with the cane.
Also shoplifters, voyeurs, disrespectful chauvinists, lazy white collars etc. get their appropriate punishment.
For smaller offences she gives hard slaps in the face and orders to stand in the corner with lowered pants. How embarrassing’