Rum Dolor
Pasadena CA Pasadena CA

Age: 28

Phone: No data

Nationality: American

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Rum Dolor

Description - Rum Dolor Pasadena CA Pasadena CA

The eternal struggle to find a Woman who understands the mechanisms that turn the perverted wheel inside your psyche. SHE knows what you need, what you want, why you ache, burn and bleed- the intricacies and the universals. She. The eternal, the infinite, the all.
I analyze, digest and subsume men for pleasure and sport. I play with power, agency, trauma and fascination, in no particular order, when it suits me to do so. If you have cash, I have an attention span.The path to salvation and purpose is lit for you.Find your way. Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix operating in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, SFV, Inland Empire. I travel often. Contact me you'd like to bring me to you.