Mona Wales
Los Angeles CA Los Angeles CA

Age: 32

Phone: No data

Nationality: No data

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Mona Wales

Description - Mona Wales Los Angeles CA Los Angeles CA

I want to make memories with you. Remembrances of long subtle curves and delicate folds. Recollections of the sweet smell of my humanity. Visions of my enchanting simile seared into your mind’s eye. Flashbacks of my electric touch. Echoes of my soft voice and delicate moans. I want your senses to carry our experience together through time.
You delight in the beautiful and profane, the proper and sensual, and you feel like you’ve always known me. You crave things you can’t name. You crave something so real that it has to be artificially created. I want to regale you with that perfect moment.
You suspect you know my type, but the closer you come the more surprises you find. To list my interests would subsume all that exists. I want to touch you with my mind and speak to you with my body. I am not like anyone you have ever met and yet I am somehow familiar.
I want us to be kind to each other. I want us to value each other’s time. I want us to show our gratitude for each other respect with presents, presence, and patience. The only way for us to come together is via You will find more information regarding transactional aspects of our engagement on this website.

My life’s passion is travel. I would love to come to you!
SCREENINGI require your full name (I will check your ID upon meeting), cell phone number and two provider references or workplace information like a LinkedIn profile.I only communicate via email, but if you are interested in talking on the phone prior to our time together you are welcome to call me on my niteflirt line.