Mistress Ryder
Santa Barbara CA Santa Barbara CA

Age: 51

Phone: +18053306466

Nationality: Czech

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brunette

Mistress Ryder

Description - Mistress Ryder Santa Barbara CA Santa Barbara CA

You're in control all day long. Then you come home and you're expected to run the show too! You dream of letting go of all that control and finding a partner who will have her way with you, someone you can surrender to. Have I piqued your interest?
This is an experience that's hard to find, and difficult to ask for, lest your partner think you're playing for the other team. The women who will, do it just because you want it, not because they enjoy it.
You're in the right place, because I love to provide this experience! I love the sounds I can get you to make and the pleasure I can introduce you to. I love taking control and running the show! And for you - letting go of control can be amazing.
Whether you picture that experience as dominant or sensual, I can make your fantasies come true. I am mature, naturally dominant, intelligent, sexy and fun. I am an expert at what I do. Safe, sane and sanitary, you will be in good hands... while you are likely tied down! ;-)
Newcomers welcome. I calibrate well and enjoy working with first-timers.
Military and First Responder discount!
All you older gentlemen out there? No age discrimination here - come and see me!