Frankfurt Frankfurt

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Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde


Description - Christine Frankfurt Frankfurt

With her personable easy-going nature and her endearing vibes, Christine takes your heart by storm. From the outset, you will be amazed at her picture-book face, her joyful smiles and her radiating blue eyes promising desire and p***ion, promising a superb erotic adventure.
Christine´s natural charm together with her open personality, give you a maximum pleasant partner who is free of any complications. She is the kind of sensual lover that allows you to savour every single minute in her company. She is a attentive and wonderful listener with manifold in***ests – unobtrusive, yet always present, curious and clever.
Christine is the epiphany of any man´s dream – a perfect blend of beauty, open-mindedness and p***ion that go-hand-in-hand with her gracile feminine style.
Discover multiple enjoyments and beautiful things which you love sharing as you fulfil your private fantasies. A well of sensual desires of authentic submission and dominating leadership doze within her soul. She loves to admit herself to a strong and experienced male where she feels the inner urge to fulfil each and every wish her partner might demand of her – his wellbeing is the core value of her undivided attention.
Time becomes a precious treasure in Christine´s presence, as it p***es so very quickly. For those gentlemen who had the chance to meet Christine, know about her extraordinary appeal. Something that you will want to desire and possess again the moment it is time to say goodbye.