Virginia Nox
Düsseldorf Düsseldorf

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Virginia Nox

Description - Virginia Nox Düsseldorf Düsseldorf

I am Virginia Nox, an escort dominatrix fueled by curiosity, a lust for life and a slight dissatisfaction with the status quo…
Looking like an angel, having manners and standards. Isn’t that an objection? Why did I become a dominatrix?
Well, since I’m here you might already guess it.
I do have a passionate personality. I prefer things to be exactly as I want them to be and guess more, I’m a sensualist and I am deeply into BDSM and fetish since I can think. I like challenges, I like to explore, I like to think outside the box, I like to educate, I like to tease, I like to feel my female power over you, I like you to obey and I can be fun… But nevertheless I will only be satisfied by completely turning you into the perfect gentlemen or a lady…
Which instruments will help me to achieve this depends on our both preferences. My range is wide, my fetishes are multiple and I resort to more than ten years of private BDSM experience, three years as a professional femdom and seven years as a nurse. A nurse? Yes. I have been good and I have been innocent. „Played a little real life BDSM“ and ended in anesthesia just to find out what I already knew; pain finds its ways no matter how hard we try to escape, so why not welcome pain in your life and escape into a peaceful mind that is able to take just as much pain as it is to be taken?
The more you can take the better? You go boy… but, I don’t think it’s all about that. It’s about you and what your individual needs are. You want to challenge yourself? Good. You want to train and learn? Even better. Be sure. I know some ways…
Though given a gift, highest pleasure is and always has been my constant research and my ultimate goal.
My fetish is fashion. Heels, nylons, leather, latex, simply all types of smooth and delicate material that flatter my body and mesmerize your mind. As on you as my subject I like to find hints of worship without asking for it. As you may be insecure, feel free to approach me on how I want to find you or what more you can do to make yourself valuable at my side. Offering more than just your body could be a good initial workout…
You want to serve me now? Great. But before you stumble in make sure to attentively have a look at my website, consider the arrangement section and then humbly fill in the booking form. Though I will connect deeply with you, body worship is always limited to my feet.
I’m looking forward to your submission.