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Description - FemdomVirginiaNox Düsseldorf Düsseldorf

As a young, beautiful and sophisticatedgerman mistress I know very well how to enjoy life and therefore to wrap everyone around my fingers very quickly.My vocation tends to give my hands access to deepest places of your mind, making you carry along a pathof submission and annihilation. Finding ways to highest pleasure is and always has been my constant researchand my ultimate goal.To complete that I developed and used various BDSM techniques and established experience in many fetishes over the past ten years.Caught in a crossfire of influences I am very familiar with almost every imaginable practice, but still ambitious and open to edgy stuff and new personal abysses. I am elegant, consequent andearthed in everything I do. My basic fetishes are latex (especially in combination with water), Leather, Heels and Nylons and all types of smooth and delicate material that flatter my body and mesmerize your mind.As a former anaesthetist nurse I am inclined to the clinic fetish world but also more than passionate in classical education with whips, canes and bondage.Gentlemen with an exquisite taste are more than welcome. You will meet a smart business ladywho also accompanies you to any of your regular ventures as your friend with benefit and hot date in public with the promise of the kinkiest performance in privacy.Have one of these unique experiencesand enjoy an outstanding BDSM session with me as your guidance. Surrender to me, give in to me.Let us celebrate the art of eroticism together. Discretion is obligatory for me.