Domina June Lust
Grenoble Grenoble

Age: 37

Phone: +32465769105

Nationality: French

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Domina June Lust

Description - Domina June Lust Grenoble Grenoble

// I'm a French Dominant woman coming from the German scene. I use to live and practice in Berlin as well, and I recently enjoy Bruxelles dungeons. I am a really independant personn, a free spirit. My practice is safe, sane and consensual. I have explored the wide universe of Bdsm, and I can say that first, this is about trust and it is a exchange between the Mistress and her submissive. You would receive as much as you give. I am a very good Teacher if you do not have much experience, and a fatal Tamer, if you even dare provoking me ~~ To give yourself to the moment, is one thing than I expect from you... And believe me, I can bring you there ! I know this part of you that needs to feel a Mindfull and Feminine power over you. And I graciously uses every of my talents. "A Iron Hand, in a Velvet Glove"... This is all about finding a balance, and rare are the people that can experience that feeling in a life. If I am strict and sadistic in my practice, I am also a very mental and sensorial player. This said, I respect your limits. I don't need any effort to seduce you. My body is worshiped by you without condition from the first moment, begining from my small feet and from now, you'll do only your best for my pleasure! ... I 'll get the best out of you ~ To watch me play with one of my girls would be a Privilege you'll learn to own once... Desserve it ... ! You'll admire my incredible curves, to your own forgiveness. My bottom will take everything from your craving devotion, your breath, your urge to be under my Powerfull body, my mind and MY LUST! After a couple of exercises ... I'll be the only one to decide wich one is appropriate, and to give the order. That is the only thing you can be sure about. You will be Mine ! ... And when my ropes untie, to let your hands free ... You will touch, like you never touched before ~ Fear you'll have no other chance ! June Lust ~~ *My experience* I learned a lot through my personnal experiences internationnally and on underground playgrounds. I use to be a performer on fetish events and clubs. I have been focusing on my Dome side for the past 7 years, and share my singular experience professionnaly for about a year, more recently in Bruxelles. My approach is personnal and alternative. Understand what this is about ! Basically, I am open to everything that is unusual and kinky in your mind, and I like people that are really ready to get out of predestined schemes and aesthetics. This said, I don't mind wearing latex and keeping my dresses shining for the great occasion ! *Appointments* You have the possibility to meet me until the . All appointments are taken with a phone-call. I don't mind reading a presensation of you in a few lines, including your fetishes, desires or expectations for a session. It is recommanded to define the practices you don't want or like. You can send your propositions and scenarios with your free-times to : lustinjune[at]Gmail.Com I recommand 1h30 sessions, in order to have the chance to have quite some deep sensations. I think it is better to wait to have the amount of money that this implicates, ... even thow 30 minutes in my presence would give you an excellent kick !!! *My practices* From the softer type of games, to the harder ones, I have a large pannel of skills and instruments to play with. I have a preference for japanese Bondage and rope-arts, verbal domination and classical education, hand-spanking, trampling, body-worship, rimming, floggers, sense privation, anal-play, nipples-play, spitting and needle-play... Good boy ! Get your mouth open ... To receive me. June Lust